Car Protection Isolation film for Taxi Drivers

$100.00 $79.00

Plastic partition screen to protect Taxi drivers. Isolate yourself from your passenger without losing out on visibility.


Separate the cab from the rear to isolate bacterial and viral infection

*Doesn’t block the field of vision. Create isolation and divide the space.

*PVC film: transparent, light, Washable and easy to install.

*Bonding: easy bonding, easy installation and disassembly.


*Material: PVC

*Style: clear transparent

*Applicable space: car

*Color classification: white,color

Product Size:

Ordinary car (internet car, taxi): 1.4×1.8m

Tips: The curtain can be reused, but please pay attention to disinfection every time you go out.

Package include:

1x Isolation film


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