Curtains for Car (4 Pieces, Colour: Black/Biege)

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In-stock Car Curtain Sun Shade Window Sun Insulation Automatic Magnetic Extension Track Universal Car Sunshade

1、Package Contents: 1 set includes 4 curtains: protect 4 for side windows, 2 for front windows, 2 for rear windows.
2、Quality Material: The cover is made of eco-friendly satin fabric with silver folds, so you can pull the curtains as you like.
3、Easy to Install: The magnetic track attracts and is easy to install on the metal window frame, just align the magnet with the frame.
4、Widely Applicable: Suitable for most SUVs, Hatchbacks and cars, the cover can be stretched freely, view the rearview mirror normally, and freely lift and lower the window.
5、UV Protective Sunshade: The sunshade can protect your privacy, prevent seat aging, and make passengers safe and soothing.

Name: Car Magnetic Sun Shade
Style: Front Row and Rear Row
Color: silver black gold
Size: front row (about 45*60cm/17.72*23.62in) rear row (about 75cm/29.53in)
Packaging: Kraft paper packaging
Weight: about 0.8kg
Material: magnetic strip + cloth
Package size: about 77*7*4cm/30.31*2.76*1.57in
Color: 7620 full car four-piece black, 7620 full car four-piece gold, 7620 full car four-piece silver.
External material: Eco-friendly satin fabric
Features: louver folding
Installation: magnetic adsorption
Size (approx.): front -17.71 * 27.56 inches / 45 * 70cm, rear -17.71 * 29.52 inches / 45 * 75cm

Installation Tips:
1. Open the door.
2 Front window: Connect the built-in magnet directly to the metal frame of the car window!
Rear window: Cut the length of the track according to your needs, install curtain satin, and then seal the sides of the track.

Packing List:
2*Car Front Window Curtains
2*Car Rear Window Curtains

* Not suitable for car frames made of aluminum or plastic, only for metal frames.


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