Offroad Rescue Tyre Strap (1 Pair)

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  • Easy To Install Blocks That Create Traction To Help You Free Yourself When Stuck In The Mud Or Snow!
  • Ideal For Both Emergency Situations And Everyday Driving On Icy/ Muddy Terrains!
  • Comes In Packs Of 2 – Secure 1 To Each Of Your Drive Wheels!

Our Anti-Skid Tire Blocks come in packs of 2. We strongly recommend you fasten them to your drive tires, but for those of you with vehicles that are all-wheel-drive, you may want to get a second pair for safety.

They can be used in an emergency situation, such as when you’ve gotten trapped in the snow or mud, or for driving in the snow. If you’re caught in a rut by yourself with no good Samaritans in sight to help, and no family members or friends close by or unable to reach you due to weather conditions, these Blocks give you the option of trying to rescue yourself before calling for an emergency vehicle.

Their innovative design features a nylon belt with a grooved rubber traction block.

They’re easy to put on your tires. You can put them on yourself and get out of a rut without an extra hand giving you a push.

They are best used at the first signs of slippage or being stuck. Don’t dig yourself a deeper hole before hooking up your Tire Blocks. Act immediately! You bought them for a reason!


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