Paint Scratch Remover Cloth

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Do-it-yourself: Remove car scratches easily with this scratch remover cloth. Made out of special polymer with special powder coating, it easily lifts paint residue. 50% Off Today: Limited Stock


1. Mainly used for light scratch treatment, such as fingernail marks, shallow scratches, sand grind traces, etc.; also certain effect when rubbing deep scratches for a few minutes.
2. Clean the scratch surface before repairing, rub the scratches until the scratch disappears.
3. It can be used repeatedly on around 15 cars.
4. If it falls on the ground and gets dust and sand, do not re-use to avoid causing second scratches.
5. Do not wash it as it will remove the special powder. If you think it is too dry, you can spray a small amount of water on it.
6. After using, store it in bags with good sealing.


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