Rear Seat Headrest Pillow (Extremely Comforting)

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Extremely comfortable rear passenger head pillows. The long road trips will never be same again. Mounts on all cars. Free Shipping Today: Limited Stock 

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Keep your loved ones as comfy as can be with this travel headrest. The universal mount easily attaches to your car’s existing headrest poles and adjusts for the perfect fit.

  1. Universal mounting points for simple installation
  2. Attaches to rear headrest poles
  3. Adjustable hinge moves headrest pads backwards and forward
  4. Lock in position when not in use
  5. Removable and washable sleeves
  6. Measures 17″ x 9″ x 8-1/2″

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2 reviews for Rear Seat Headrest Pillow (Extremely Comforting)

  1. Keith Code

    Great Product. I bought it before my road trip to Hoover Dam and my kids loved it.

  2. Mate Brunson

    Looked interesting in pictures so I had to buy one. I have to say it did not disappoints. For now it’s good for short naps on my way to office haha

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